WASZP Winter Warrier South Island Champs 

August 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th 



Speed Rig – Event at the South Island Waszps - CHCH

Day TBC: The intention is to use a day when we can’t get on the water.

Objective: Rig your Waszp onshore as fast as you can and get some practice in!

The winner will receive a prize for the fastest timed complete rigging of the boat.


- Completely rigged boat (i.e., sailor ready to sail as if launching).

- Critical missed items that affect the ability to sail effectively will result in a 2-minute time penalty added to the overall time.

- Minor missed items that hinder performance but could still allow completion of the racecourse will receive a 30-second penalty.

- Foils do not need to be pinned or in sailing positions; in hull on beach trolley is acceptable.

- Ride height barrel must be set up and ready to clip in.

- Sail cannot be preset on the mast; it must be rigged from scratch.

- Boom must not be preset either

- Outhaul lines can be prepped through the sail but not prepped through purchase blocks (minimum standard purchase system must be used).

- Main sheet can’t be prepped but can be threaded through the sail but not through any blocks

- Rig size must be as used in competition.

- No outside physical assistance. Just you

- One support watcher allowed to provide verbal cues and support.

- Must have a song ready to play on a boombox.

- Sailing clothing not required.

The person who can rig the boat fastest wins.

A great opportunity to observe how other sailors efficiently rig their boats!