The Club has a number of moorings for occasional use by members. They are located in idyllic locations in Lyttelton Harbour and adjacent bays.

Naval Point Club provides surveyed moorings for casual use in many of the bays around Banks Peninsula. To preserve the opportunity for members to experience and appreciate the character of the environment, users are asked to consider other users and to comply with the rules and regulations promoting the preservation of the environment. Please note that waste discharge from boats within 500m of the shore is prohibited. It is recommended that boats should approach moorings at a slow speed, should indicate an intention to make fast and should provide fenders. Boats already moored are expected to welcome incoming Naval Point vessels.

To preserve privacy boats should be hailed and permission gained before crossing rafted boats. Crossing via the foredeck is appreciated as it is less intrusive. Noise should be kept to a minimum. Tolerance and courtesy are expected. The moorings are for Club members only. Proof of membership may be requested at any time. The Club Burgee should be flown while on a mooring and the current membership sticker should be displayed. Boats on Club moorings must not be left unattended overnight.

The use of the moorings is at the boat owners’ risk. No responsibility will be taken by the NPCL for any damage or injury caused through the use of such facilities. All Club moorings have 40cm red buoys marked “NPC MEMBERS ONLY” plus Mooring Number. The Club moorings are situated at: DIAMOND HARBOUR – 4 tonne block, red buoy marked 136Y Maximum of 3 vessels on mooring with max. 11.9m L.O.A. for each vessel and combined weight not exceeding 20 tonnes or I vessel up to max. 17 metres and displacement not exceeding 20 tonnes.

LITTLE PORT COOPER – 4 tonne block. Red buoy on eastern side of bay – marked LPC 01. [GPS S43 36.566 E172 49.124]

FLAHERTYS BAY, PORT LEVY – 4 tonne block marked PLY 01 Situated in first bay on right on entering. [GPS S43 38.210 E172 49.343]

PORT LEVY, JETTY - 4 tonne block marked LEV 02 - located in Church Bay east of jetty – Depth approx. 2.5 m at low tide. [GPS S43 38.576 E172 50.123]

PIGEON BAY, HOLMES BAY – 1.8 tonne block marked No 800. In 2.0 m at low tide, Max. loading one vessel 11.9 metres LOA or 10 tonne max. displacement.

FRENCH FARM (Akaroa) - 2 tonne block, located in first group of outer deep water moorings in a direct line from yacht club Jetty. Marked AFK 542 – 4 m at low tide. GPS S34 46.548, E172 54.920 (error up to 47m. It has a HWS depth of 4m and LW depth of approx. 1.8m with a mud bottom. The local Akaroa Aquatic Club is very welcoming and appreciates visitors making themselves known to whoever is there.

PURAU MOORING – 2 tonne block. Red buoy marked No 113Y. Located 200 m north of slipway on western shore, in 2.5 m at low tide. Loading one vessel 11.9 metres LOA or 10 tonne max.

All mooring buoys marked “NPC MEMBERS ONLY” – Maximum period on any Club mooring is 5 days. • Members are requested to remove weed from mooring lines when required.

All 4 Tonne moorings have the same conditions as shown for Diamond Harbour.

Any defects relating to moorings should be reported to the Club Manager as soon as possible. For further information on the Club moorings contact the Club Manager

Note that a 20 tonne displacement limit applies to all Club moorings.