Haulout Facilities

The Club has a large, secure yard for storage of boats undergoing maintenance. Naval Point Club has a variety of different storage options for members. Magazine Bay Marina - for larger launches and keelboats. The yard is serviced by a heavy duty tractor that can handle vessels up to 14 tonnes and up to 2.2m draught, depending on the tide. Twenty three cradles and a gantry are available for rent and a high pressure water blasting hose is available for removing those dreaded underwater hangers-on!

The area is also available for storage of vessels, when space is available, by arrangement with the Club Manager.

*Notes: Haulout and launching include use of all equipment associated with the activity (e.g. loader, tractor, cables etc.) and labour up to a maximum of two people for 45 minutes for each boat movement.

The Haulout Yard Manager is Tim Riley and he can be contacted on (03)328-8067. Tim schedules and manages use of the facilities. Twenty four hours notice must be given before launching any craft from the Haulout area.  Be aware that launching and haulout can be limited by tides and weather.

Member Rates – members must present their current membership card to get member rates.

  1. 3 months max time in yard for months listed in #2.
  2. Cheapest rates are the 21 day rate for April,May,June. A discounted rate applies for boats coming out in these months. This does not included boats already standing in the yard.
  3. Haulout – $90, Re-launch – $90.
  4. Then; 21 days at $15/day, 22+ days @ $18/day.
  5. Waterblaster hire $50 1 hour max. (then ¼ hr charges @ $6.00)
  6. Blocks & Strops – Small blocks $1/day and large blocks $2/day per block. Only NPCL blocks to be used.
  7. Fitting/removing small blocks; $30 min charge/ big blocks; $50 min charge.
  8. Shifting boats in yard; $50 min charge then based on hourly rate.
  9. Haulout time beyond 45 minutes to be charged at $30 per ¼ hour.
  10. Time stated by the Haulout Manager is the time the boat is to be at the slipway.
  11. Rubbish – parking slots deemed to be not cleaned of rubbish will be charged at $35 minimum for staff to clean the area.
  12. Work done on an hourly basis will be $120 per hour.

Haulout Storage ImageNon Member Rates

  1. Haulout $120, Relaunch $120.
  2. Yard time; 21 days @ $24/day 22+ days @ $28/day
  3. Waterblaster Hire $65 1 hour max (then 1/4 hr charges @ $8.00)
  4. Other charges – refer #6 – 11 above.
  5. Work done on an hourly basis will be $160 per hour.

NPCL Gantry User Guide

  1. Book your trailer boat lift with the haul out manager by calling 03 328 8067
  2. Please note the maximum working loading of the gantry is 3000kg
  3. Complete the haul out and gantry induction and sign in for your vessel with the haul out manager and ensure you understand the terms of use. Follow the haul out manager or haul out staff directions, including the use of any necessary personal protection equipment
  4. Please present your vessel at the arranged time ready to lift with all straps, tie downs and winch cables removed ready to lift
  5. Carefully back your vessel’s trailer into position under the gantry following haul out manager or staff direction
  6. Assist haul out staff with the placement of lifting straps ensuring placement will not damage any underwater sensors, trim tabs, shafts and paddlewheels and is clear of any drop keel or centerboard slot
  7. Follow instructions of haul out manager or staff on lifting vessel
  8. If vessel using gantry left unattended then vessel should be secured following consultation with haul out manager or staff
  9. In gusty wind conditions or when forecast wind speed exceeds 20 knots it is highly recommended that rigs are removed prior to lifting; or the vessel is lowered to the ground onto tires or its trailer if possible
  10. If unsure about the forecast or if gusty conditions are present please speak with the haul out manager or staff as to recommended action
  11. No vessel is to be lowered to ground or back on to its trailer without the haul out manager or staff present. Please follow directions given by staff
  12. All gantry accounts are to settled in full prior to removal of vessel from gantry in accordance with the standard haul out terms of trade.


Other matters

  1. Painting boats in yard – some boats will have to be moved to the public parking area for painting to avoid overspray. Above labour charges will apply for boat movement.
  2. Small painting jobs – the owner/contractor must take all relevant precautions to avoid overspray on other vessels & vehicles.
  3. For Haulout, ropes and other strops to secure your boat must be of appropriate quality and strength. Boats will not be hauled out with inferior gear.
  4. 24 hour notice must be given prior to launching.
  5. The Haulout Manager will notify the Owner of the final amount to be paid before re-launch – NO CASH, NO SPLASH.
  6. Remember – last person out of yard must close/lock the gate.
  7. The gate lock code changes each month. See the Haulout Manager for the current code.
  8. Non member rates apply to all commercial ventures.
  9. Slipway – the Club uses the public slipway and has the right to use the Mon-Fri only. (Not weekends or Public holidays)
  10. Parking slots are defined as 5.5 metres wide.
  11. The loader and trolley are not to be used by anyone other than authorized Club employees. The loader is to be used for Haulout and re-launch only.
  12. Power is available for power tool use only – No Dehumidifiers!
  13. Speed limit in the compound = 20kph