420 NATIONALS 6th - 10th MARCH 2024

6th - 10th March 2024



​​​​​​​Notice to Competitors:

Published Saturday 9th march  @ 1500hrs

Protest time limit for Saturday 9th March is 15:31:15hrs

​​​​​​​Notice to Competitors:

Published Friday 8th March @ 1624hrs

Protest time limit for friday 8th March is 17:05:14hrs.

​​​​​​​Notice to Competitors:

Published Thursday 7th March @ 1458hrs

Protest time limit for Thursday 7th March is 15:20:21hrs.

2024 New Zealand 420 Open and Nation Champs

Notice to Competitors:

Published Thursday 7th March 2024 @ 0830hrs.

Change to Sailing Instructions: Addendum A.

For Courses I and O

Mark 2 shall be replaced with a Red Triangular Buoy.

This changes the published sailing instructions which states a yellow cylindrical buoy.

Simon Cross